Our Approach to Expedite Compensation for an Auto Accident Claims

If you’re filing an auto accident claim after a serious injury, the timeline matters. You may be relying on the compensation you hope to receive to pay for medical expenses and other bills while you’re out of work. Hiring a car accident attorney can help you avoid delays and recover damages quickly. 

What Does it Take to Settle an Auto Accident Claim? 

Most auto accident claims settle out of court, which is good news for your timeline. Going to court is lengthy, and settling can save months or even years. Your car accident lawyer will be able to give you a more specific idea of when your case might settle, but there are a few factors that can help you get an estimate. Generally, you’ll wait until you have recovered from your injuries as much as your healthcare providers expect you to. Waiting for your health to improve gives both sides a better sense of your medical expenses. Your attorney might perform an investigation into the details of your case. The complexity and circumstances of your accident will affect how long this takes. After gathering all relevant evidence and information, your car accident lawyer will negotiate a settlement with the other party’s insurance company. 

Common Things That Delay an Auto Accident Claim 

While your car accident attorney will take the lead on your claim, there are some steps you can take to prevent delays. First, waiting to get medical care can make proving that your injuries were caused by the accident more difficult, so you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Also, follow any treatment recommendations, such as attending follow-up appointments or completing physical therapy. 

Another common mistake that accident victims make is talking about the case with anyone other than their attorneys. It’s easy to unintentionally say something that hurts your claim, whether mentioning a preexisting medical condition, admitting partial responsibility for the accident, or anything else. This can make the investigation and negotiation stages take longer, delaying your compensation. To prevent this, avoid posting about the accident on social media, talking to the other drivers’ insurance company, or talking about the accident in general.

What We Do to Make a Difference for You 

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can help you get compensation more quickly. We thoroughly understand the legal process and are familiar with the strategies the other party might use against you. This means we can move through the process more efficiently than alone. We can also recognize when going to court is worth your valuable time and when settling is the right option. 

The Law Offices of Miguel Martinez will stay in touch with you throughout your case so we will stay on top of important deadlines and keep your case from lagging because of missing information. We also have the negotiation experience to help you get a fair settlement offer without the time and stress of going to trial. If it makes sense in your situation, we can also pursue options like working with a mediator, which is much faster than going to trial. 

Car Accident Attorneys in Denver, CO 

A serious car accident can cause major financial stress, so settling your legal claim as quickly as possible is important. The Law Offices of Miguel Martinez will guide you through the process efficiently and fight for the best possible outcome so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Contact us today to discuss your case with a car accident lawyer!

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